WHY Do we do it?

Starting horses, has been my passion since I was 11. I never wanted to compete, I just loved starting them and handling them, gaining their trust, helping them cope in a human world. Once you stop you missed it, like life is not complete. Only those who do it will understand. Waking on a Sunday feeling every part of your body sore, brusies and skin off, some you dont know why, some you are glad it wasn't worst, remembering hitting the ground or coping a kick & just swearing & having a cry in the sand. Knowing you have to hop up & face it again tommrow. No matter how sore, no matter the temp or the rain or how tired work still goes on.. Even on a day off there are horses to feed, business paper work to sort, house work to catch up on and being a mother fits in there somewhere. Starting & handling horses for the public is a difficult and pressure filled job. Horses never run on time, or progress in the time frame ppl want. Alot of the time the history ppl told is often not the story the horse tells. We are subject to judgement and criticism, ridicule and even accusation of being to hard on a horse, or not doing enough, or not knowing enough, when our only concern is the welfare of the horse & the safty of the client. Often we get to see the worst of the worst horses & see the fear of ppl in their eyes; the trembling.. it always brings me to tears. This week it was the horse with spur chunks out of his sides, so shut down and the trembling gentle giant that made me cry. We have probaly shoveled more shit, lugged more bales of hay, spent more money, delt with cuts, wounds, late night colic, trimmed more hooves ect, then we have had hot dinners. Often our selves n kids seem to be last fed. "WHY do we do it?" you ask. Because there are times we meet beautiful ppl, that love their horse just like we do. They too are searching for a better/kinder ways & when they find it they are so grateful. There are horses that after bucking me off the side as soon as I get up each time, him trembling uncontrollable, as the mental scars run deep. THEN he finally makes a break through & he looks at you with his eye soft, and he takes those first steps towards allowing you to ride him with out fear, he melts and seems so grateful. We do it because it is a part of us, life makes sense from the back of the horse..... it's where I can breath deep & think calm. The soul is revived!!!! Friends are made, problems are shared, childern become braver, well rounded kids, & adults can play & have fun like they were children again. For that I am forever indebted to our furry Friend the Equine. Sharing the knowledge I gained from the many years studying horses and the men and woman who were brave before me, is my passion, If sharing is all I can do so our equine friends can have a better life..than I will...It is the least I can do.💖 

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