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Being Real With Ourselves Is Courage. Lets Get Brave!

Emma Bryant's Story

Emma Bryant's passion for horses was ignited at a young age. Growing up on a vast farm in N.S.W., she was surrounded by herds of horses, observing herd dynamics and finding solace in their presence. Emma fondly recalls magical moments spent playing with foals, forging connections, and discovering the process of acceptance that every horse goes through.

Despite facing challenges as a child rider, Emma's curiosity was sparked when her first pony, Misha, displayed unpredictable behavior. This led her on a lifelong quest to understand why horses buck and to find kinder approaches to training. With her mother's support, Emma had the opportunity to learn from renowned horsemen and women, absorbing knowledge that aligned with her mission for gentler methods.

At the age of 14, Emma started her first horse with guidance, and she dedicated herself to learning and refining her skills. She participated in natural horsemanship clinics and pursued formal education in horse breaking, stock horse training, quarter horse sale preparation, and shoeing. Throughout her journey, Emma faced criticism for her unconventional methods but remained steadfast in her commitment to what felt right for the horses.

Emma's equestrian pursuits encompassed a variety of disciplines, from reining and camp-drafting to western pleasure and trail riding. However, her focus was always on the relationship with her horse, valuing connection over competitive success. She discovered that the most meaningful moments were not found in winning ribbons, but in helping traumatized horses trust humans again and reigniting someone's love for their horse.

Over the years, Emma's greatest insights emerged from working with damaged and dangerous horses that she couldn't turn away. These equine teachers showed her the importance of creating an environment where horses and people could learn without fear, stress, or the activation of survival instincts. Emma learned that true relaxation and learning can only occur when a trusting, empathetic bond is established, allowing horses to thrive and perform beyond their natural abilities.

Driven by her experiences and wisdom gained, Emma developed a mentor program that embodies the kind nature and spirit of the horse. Through her Horse Help Videos, Facebook group/page, and YouTube channel, accessible under Equality Equine Services, Emma offers valuable content and guidance.

Currently, Emma travels throughout Australia, sharing her knowledge and teaching people how to achieve calm, confident connections with their horses. She believes that horsemanship is an ongoing journey of self-development and is eager to share this path with fellow adventurers. Equality Equine Services is dedicated to empowering horses and humans equally through genuine and honest conversations.

Join Emma on this transformative ride, as she works towards healing and empowerment for all beings. Subscribe to the mailing list to stay updated on upcoming clinics and events.

In Emma's words, "Come join us for the ride!"

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