Horsemanship Clinics
Clinics were such a big part of how I learned about horses, when I was growing up. Nearly every weekend instead of competing, I was helping out at horsemanship clinics, or attending other great horse horseman's/women's clinics. Through out the years that thirst for knowledge about how horses communicate and how people learn best has continued.
I noticed that the clinics I retained the most information was when, I knew the tasks I was doing had purpose and that purpose was fun to do with my horse.
For the past 6 years I have been teaching clinics for the public. They are so much fun and rewarding to conduct. It is inspiring to see, that there are so many people from all different disciplines interested in improving themselves for the benefit of their relationship with their horse.
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Lesson are the essence of any horsemanship journey.

In these you get a block of time with your own personal coach/ mentor right there. You get to work through the things you want to learn more about or have been having trouble with all in private, most times without even leaving the comfort of your home.

This means if its catching, leading, feet prep for farrier, float loading, lunging, your seat, ridding confidence, safety checks, whatever you need we do, because its designed by you with your choice of topic.

Lessons can be personal one on one or mini groups of 2,3 4 or 5 ppl.

We love to help people in between clinics and travel to different locations.

If we don't come to your area yet become a coordinator for your area and get a discount for your lesson.

If your near our training center at Coominya book in to use our arena & trail courses for a lesson.

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Private Lesson $70hr

Group Lesson 2ppl $40pp

Group Lesson 3ppl $30pp

Group Lesson 4ppl $25pp

Group Lesson 5ppl $20pp

All lessons prices are an hour and if servicing that area.

If not in area travel cost apply.


Horse Experiences 4 Health


There was times in my life where I didn't own my own horse, (when my son was a baby) and all I longed to do was smell them, hug them and just be in there company. So I used to volunteer to feed up, and muck out at another training center, while I then started my own business braiding horse gear just to be around these majestic animals. Back then I really didn't know why I just knew it felt good for my soul.

 Now I know a few reasons why:

1.The calm horse's heart beats at a slower rate to ours and their electromagnetic field has been measured as ten times greater than ours. Both are strong enough to influence and calm our state of mind.

2. There is no judgement, as they live in the moment and only perceive what a person feels like at any given time.

They remind us to breath and be in the present moment in nature.

3. They are so big, yet humble and very intuitive, so often they can do amazing things when a person needs a hug or some connection.

4. There are similarities in horses that often if we can look, help us learn more about our-self.

This part of the business I love! We have opened up  our center up for people that don't have horses to come experience what it is like to be a part of our team. By helping care for, interact with and connect to our fabulous horses we hope to inspire people to be their best version of their self.

With our mission statement of "Helping horse and humans connect through real conversation" and our belief that horsemanship is an equal partnership, called matemanship.  We help people learn about the horse's language, feelings and care needs. Then the horses help you learn empathy, awareness, non verbal communication and what it truly feels like to be seen and accepted for who you are in the moment. It is truly amazing that A 500kg animal that could kill you if they choose, don't because they are just that kind. 

Through the Ground work we set out, a trusting bond is built and amazing things are achieved. This is not therapy this is horsemanship that transfers to life hence we call it lifemanship.

Whether it is team building exercises or individual growth, the experience with our herd has the power to touch your heart. 

After of a block of 7 encounters, there can be a ride in the round yard with the horse you make a connection with.

We have children, teen, women and men workshops for groups, clubs, teams, corporate businesses and individuals   

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