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Virtual lessons 30 mins
  • Virtual lessons 30 mins

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    This is how it works: Once booked, you set up your device (has to be something that can log in to FB) so the camera can see you on your horse and your work area. Option 1: Set up blue tooth speaker and place in a location where we can hear each other.  You will need to have filming device where you can ask questions and I can hear you. Grab your horse and jump on messenger for a video call.

    Option 2: Is  have a separate device to your phone filming (will still need to be able to log in to FB) and have your phone on you with hands free ear phones so as you can ask questions in the moment and I can help in real time. The best part is, I can talk you through step by step or I can demonstrate on my horses if demo booked previously...

    Exciting Right! Finally distance doesn't matter!



      This is 30mins of instruction via a video call so as I can help  you and be your mentor in real time if distance is an issue.


      Our company will refund manufacturing fault products within 30 days of purchase. No refunds will be issued thereafter. No refunds will be issued for change of mind or circumstances. No refunds for damage caused by purchaser.


      Once purchase has been made hit the link button to message us on Facebook to arrange time for the video conference

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