With the week two rookie errors of hotting up my brumby on hard feed behind us. We now has progress in the right direction. This week for WARATAH was still trust building. I have choose to do everything steady and bit by bit and all at liberty because of two reasons Waratah’s flight response was quite big and her fear of People touching her was massive. It is truly the best thing about the McDowell’s Australian Brumby Challenge the time frame of the challenge is generous enough to allow the bond to grow authentically On Monday and Tuesday Waratah was willing to still let me touch her building on last week. Offering her near side shoulder and neck with out getting up tight. What I really liked is the level of relaxation she has now got with a person in her space.. Wednesday We had a kids clinic here with about 10 kids and 5 other horse running around in the arena. I though it would be a great thing to leave the brumbies loose in the same arena, and the most amazing thing happen the brumbies joined in!! Even following the kids with their horses over the jumps. For the first time they were playing with people around. AMAZING! They are getting confident. No actual sessions but this was of benefit for Waratah Thursday WARATAH allowed me to touch her neck, shoulder, chest, ribs and back on the near side this is awesome feeling to do it all at liberty and not feel like there was any dangers because she was staying so relaxed and calm.. Friday was another great step.. we started with connection till investigation came from her then rubs on her neck, cheek, shoulders, ribs, withers back and hind. On the near side and on the off side!! AMAZING! The trust she is showing me is heart warming. Today I was able to practice some muscle releasing techniques, using light touch to relieve some of the tension and soreness she has from life as a brumby mum and the appreciation in her eyes as she gazed at me with disbelief that a humans touch could ease pain not cause it, bought tears to my eyes. This week has meant the world to both of us.. I would like to thank McDowell’s herbal for the wonderful care package we received for our brumbies today. Can't wait to feed them out. We would like to thank Whoa Steady Neddy Hay Nets for our great slow feeder nets.. Follow WARATAH journey on Or Or hash tags: #Australianbrumbychallenge #Whoasteadyneddyhaynets. #McDowellsherbal. #Victorianbrumbyassociation. Thanks you for following our journey.

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