Australian BRUMBY Challenge 2018 VBA WARATAH'S Journey. Wk 4

Week 4 VBA Waratah This week has been a challenging week time and weather wise. Saturday we missed our session as well preparing for an event, but was worming day ate it in her feed. Sunday we had a great session, much of the same of connection, investigation, then more touching and rubbing, (her chest is her favorite). Monday and Tuesday we missed due to commitments and weather.(Tuesday was terrible blowing a gale). However important stuff still went on. Monday was the first day I have ever seen Waratah laying down, Maybe it’s a combination of her progress of relaxation in training and the McDowell’s herbs that she is now on. Tuesday Waratah was entered into a new herd in which again she showed her personality. I’ve officially nicknamed her Xena my Warrior princess, not because she fights but because she knows exactly who she is, and knows she can survive on her own. She’s like that wise elder. When she talks everybody listens. I love a horse with backbone. Wednesday with 2 days missed were back a square, so we start from start where she’s at. Connection, investigation the me being able to rub on her. The investigation stage is so important. For me, it’s how you set them up for life in a human world. It’s about helping them to be brave and step from Fear to curiosity then to truly being ok. From here I was able to introduce new objects like the rope and because she has been allowed to be curious straight away she was curious and it wasn’t an issue. Thursday was a day where we just fed and mucked out, but something amazing happened whilst I was checking for worms, I noticed Waratah following me everywhere! I was quite amazed because we’re out the big Arena. She was just genuinely curious. Every time I see something like this, it just amazes me because I think why does a Wild Brumby who knows I’m a predator and can eat her, choose to follow me everywhere, choose to trust, choose to want to connect? Their willingness to trust is incredible and the hours put into build this so worth it. They have much more depth to their decisions and soul then we give them credit for. Waratah is sure taking me on a journey of self Discovery.Just when I feel like I'm not making progress, start to doubting my self and my process, she shows me the most beautiful moments of trust. Friday was drizzling rain and blowing a gale and I didn’t think we’d get much achieved. However our session went great. We revised everything that we had covered in the week, very happy that within the first minute she is already coming investigating and nuzzling me. It’s actually a little bit Cuties. Today she was offering me her face, and I found out that under her jaw and just below her ear being rubbed are more of her favorite spots. W

e worked more on introducing the Rope, rubbing her with it giving her heaps of time to sniff and nuzzle it in between. I was able to place loose rope on her neck without Force. Once she had completely let down with the rope being there, (looking for the true let down, not just a lick and chew is super important me) we then used the connection circles to start the process of leading by getting in time with her feet and gently asking them towards me, just the slightest Bit then allowing her time to think and have another true let down. She was fantastic never panicked just took it in her stride. Everything was a good experience so I’m hoping that we can build on that tomorrow. Follow WARATAH journey on Or Or hash tags: #Australianbrumbychallenge #Whoasteadyneddyhaynets. #McDowellsherbal. #Victorianbrumbyassociation. Thanks you for following our journey.

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