Wow the weeks are flying by. This week we got more progress in the right direction even though only being able to do 3 sessions. Monday during our session I was bit taken back as WARATAH was not interested in coming up and investigating like she had, What had changed? Over the Weekend we had not played with the brumbies, as we have had loads of ppl around, (great for exposure not great for moments where I need Waratah to settle and become soft and vulnerable). Two rookie errors I can think of is, in my haste to get her looking good I have efficiently made her bit hot on feed, making her instincts heightened and two not having enough solid uninterrupted time with her. I think as she traveled well and was a sensible, confident mare I didn’t anticipated the level of fear she has with people. She has been responding to connection but not the same as other brumbies I have worked with, she is responding more like the high instinct traumatized horses, that I have worked with in the past. Things can be going well then, we hit a memory and in these moments no level of soft communication from me is enough and food us nowhere on her radar, so I wait till she can breathe and relax before moving on. No more hard feed for few days with the hope to help her settle. Tuesday was more investigation from her during connection, more yawns & relaxation. I was happy to see her really start to come back. Wednesday We had a session where we did some connection. I was able to touch her on the neck & shoulder some but I could tell she was not relaxed. I introduced a rope and a flag with out the flag to see if distance from me while being touched would be better for her and to prep for haltering and it wasn't. So just not yet. I felt I may have been able to do more if had too achieve haltering her, but t

he relationship I want to develop with Waratah is one of us becoming best mates, so If she is not ready I'm ok with that. After all we just met two weeks ago, are different species and speak different languages. I think she is trying really hard to trust the human. Thanks for reading looking forwards to next week. Join our journey on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/equality.equine.business/ To understand our horsemanship more join us at www.equalityequineservices.com Or follow our journey on you tube equality equine services.

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