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All videos are informative,  and are based on what Emma has found worked for her best over the years.

Most horseman and women are wanting the same goal as each other, the techniques maybe even similar but the difference is approach and intention. This is often based on personal experiences, which is very individual and unique.

"I want the type of horsemanship that both me and my horse feel like we are equal. Seeing them like this allows me to put myself in the horse's shoes and try have empathy for what they are feeling in the moment.

Ultimately I am just their mentor, teaching and guiding them through whats need in this human world. With every horse I hope to form a  partnership where we are Mates striving towards our best self." Emma proclaims

If you want to improve your bond with your horse, or maybe sort through some problems that have arisen by your self then this video library is the answer. There is hours of footage with Emma working with a wild Brumby

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All training videos can not be copied or distributed as they are bound by Intellectual property laws and belong to Equality Equine Services.

We make these to help people, so please be considerate and view for personal use only.


Video Feedback Sessions

Ground work and ridden problem solving.

If you need to ride early in morning/late in arvo to avoid the heat or because of work and family commitments, yet needed help but have no Coaches in your area who work at that time?

Are you in a remote location or just to far away from us to have lesson but would like one?

Do you not feel comfortable working on your horse or your problematic areas in a public arena?

Are you determined to better your horsemanship but are bit stuck?

Do you just want to check if you are on the right track?

Video feed back sessions may just be a cost effect solution to your horsemanship needs.

How it Works: Set up a device to film your normal session, at the start or end of the video ask the questions you need answered. Then send the video to drop box and share with Emma. She will watch and do her best to answer the questions, Then will send it back for you to watch in your own time.

Rest assured the videos are private as they will only be viewed by Emma (unless given permission). The feed back is intended to build your confidence, whilst still giving honest tips to get you and your horse better united. 

Introductory offer: $10 for 20mins video time

That's $.50 per minute, sold in 20 minute lots.

If video is under 20 minutes the base fee of $10 still applies.

Virtual Lessons

This is a live coach in your session even thought we are km's apart!

  • Are you in a remote location or just to far away from us to have lesson regularly?

  • Do You have kids at home or work commitments that strain your time, but would like help with your horse?

  • Have you ever got stuck where a problem has came up and you thought, "What I do now? How do I fix that? Oh I wish Emma was here to help.

Equality Equine services virtual lessons are the answer.

This is how it works; Once booked, you set up your device (has to be something that can log in to FB) so the camera can see you on your horse and your work area. Option 1: Set up blue tooth speaker and place in a location where we can hear each other.  You will need to have the filming device located where you can ask questions and I can hear you. Grab your horse and jump on messenger for a video call.

Option 2: Is have a separate device to your phone filming (will still need to be able to log in to FB) and have your phone on you with hands free ear phones so as you can ask questions in the moment and I can help in real time. The best part is, I can talk you through step by step or I can demonstrate on my horses if demo booked previously...

Exciting Right! Finally distance doesn't matter!

To book some coaching time message us.

Virtual lesson without demo: special offer $40hr $20 half hr

Virtual lesson with horse demo: special offer $60hr $30 half hr

Confidence Building support Group

Emma offers a FB group that is a very friendly, supportive and real honest. It is designed to help for us stay motivated with our horses.

Share your successes, your goals, your horses quirks, fears, hard days, and whatever else. Just share. "We are all perfect in our imperfections." "A problem shared is a problem halved."

So lets have a conversation and help each other out.


Price is $9.90 a month. You will have access to new videos of how we build confident horses. This is a Members only face book group for sharing and connecting with us and others. We will have a live question and answer sessions each week, to help you feel supported and mini goals to keep you inspired on your journey.

To Join Us,Click Below.

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