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"Connecting Horse & Humans Through Real Conversation"


If you have made it to our web page you more than likely  already wanting a better way for your horse. We can help you find the answers to what you have been searching for.

Do you have a horse but are unsure if your doing things right?

Do you care for your horse but feel like the love you put in isn't what you are getting back?

 Are you swimming in all the information that is out there and don't know which method suits your horse?

Do you feel like you don't ride like you use to?

Have you had something that has rocked your confidence?

Then all of a sudden you start to think it would be better to sell your horse.

What about the times your horses behavior is scary or puzzling to you?

Trouble with Floating, catching, trimming, riding out, separation anxiety, pulling back, shying, bucking, rearing, bolting, refusing tasks, Ear pinning, food aggression, disconnected, shut down. 

This is the video program has real answers to help your horse and yourself get connected and be successful on your horsemanship journey.

Equality Equine Service's Conscious horsemanship is not just a method of training but a true understanding of how a horse feels, learns and what they really need from a human.

Click below to choose individual  videos or our monthly subscription to have access to many, different videos watching Emma change the life of hundreds of horses. Learn invaluable lessons  of true conscious horsemanship.

This is the new age in horsemanship! Join us in the rise of the Equine Guardians.

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