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We are  Currently setting our 2019 calendar for clinics. We are still open to locations so if you want to become an area coordinator. Please  contact  us below.

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Junior, Youth & Adult Equine Experiences
We are happy to share with you what is coming in our future for the teens of today. 
There is a great need for the teens of today to not only feel like they belong but feel that they have a purpose.
Growing up as a country kid in the semi rural area, horses were my escape form the ruff edges of the school yard. Through the horses I was able to learn, how to communicate with a animal much bigger than me. This built my self confidence, to appoint where I could set boundaries, connect and feel a sense of peace in being authentically me.
Now are developing a Junior, teen and adult program helps everyone (even if they don't own a horse) to build courage and step in to their true self, through participating in the care, grooming and ground work of these beautiful horses. 
To Inquire about these courses, please call us or drop an email to us on the contact page.  
School Program "Furry Friends Have Feelings"
This is is a cool program that we are happy to roll out.
  The furry friends have feelings is all about awareness, of feelings for the animals first then relating that to people. In it we do live demos and the kids have pacific participation that encourages unity, connection, empathy, bravery, and compassion for the horses and team work with each other. This program was designed to inspire change within the cultures of schools, from bulling and isolation to inclusion, kindness and consideration for the feelings of another living being. Raising children aware of animal welfare rights and feelings allows the next generation to carry on the movement of kind humane treatment of animals. With the hopes that the core values demonstrated rolls on to each other also.       

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